DVD Replication

  • Posted on: 25 April 2013
  • By: monkeydna
dvd replication

To help you understand each DVD replication service we provide, here are some explanations:
DVD replication is manufacturing DVD's using an injection molding process. This DVD manufacturing technique is generally the best if you want at least 1,000 DVD's and can wait a couple of weeks for delivery.
We can and regularly do provide faster DVD replication service, ask for details.

DVD ROM replication refers to DVD "Read Only Memory," as opposed to "Re-Writeable Memory."The vast majority of DVD's are DVD ROM's. Re-Writeable DVD's ("DVD-RW or DVD+RW) appeal to people because of the notion that they can re-use the DVD's repeatedly. The problem with RW discs is that they are incompatible with most devices other than the one that created the disc, and thus are generally unsuitable for disseminating information.

PME recommends avoiding re-writable discs. Call us at 760-439-0281 if we can help with your DVD replication needs. learn more…