DVD Duplication

  • Posted on: 25 April 2013
  • By: monkeydna
dvd duplication

DVD or Digital Versatile Disc duplication uses a similar duplication process that of CDs.

The manufacturing of DVD's is obtained by once again burning the information onto a blank DVD using a computer DVD drive. This DVD manufacturing technique is generally the best if you want fewer than 1,000 DVD's or if you need your DVD's right away. As in our CD duplication process, DVD duplication service is also very fast. If we get everything we need from you, we can ship your discs within a day or two.

DVD ROM duplication refers to DVD "Read Only Memory," as opposed to "Re-Writeable Memory." The vast majority of DVD's are DVD ROM's. Re-Writeable DVD's ("DVD-RW or DVD+RW) appeal to people because of the notion that they can re-use the DVD's repeatedly. The problem with RW discs is that they are incompatible with most devices other than the one that created the disc, and thus are generally unsuitable for disseminating information. PME recommends avoiding re-writable discs in both instances. For more information contact us at 760-439-0281 for your CD and DVD duplication needs.

* What do we mean by "Read Only Memory"? This means the recording process is finalized and the burn process has been closed prohibiting the disc and its contents to be altered or changed.