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Film to DVD Pricing
8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm
Transfer your family treasures to DVD

•    A two hour DVD or Videotape will hold approximately 1400 feet of 8mm film,
     2000 feet of Super 8mm film or 2800 feet of 16mm film.
     We limit the DVD length to preserve quality.

Additional Pricing and Cost Information:
•    8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm reel diameters are:
     ◦ 3” reel ~  50ft
     ◦ 5” reel ~  200ft
     ◦ 7” reel ~  400ft
     ◦ 15” reel ~  2800ft
•     Mark the reels in the order desired.
•    Titles and music may be added
•    Editing and special effects are available
•    The copying process can reduce image sharpness but color
     and brightness are improved as much as possible
•    Film is cleaned with a preservative, lubricated and polished
•    Rips and tears are spliced together and new leader is provided if needed
•    Film is returned at the end of the job
•    *We highly recommend keeping your original film.
     Please read further to learn how to properly store and protect your film

•    Editing your film at home using our proprietary
CLOCK – ON – VIDEO® is a way you can get involved with how your movies will turn out and lower your cost dramatically.
A DVD running with a clock on it is made from your video. You play the DVD on your TV or home computer and write the editing instructions on a worksheet that we provide to you. You instruct PME to delete specified frames, insert photos or slides, print photos, add titles, menus, chapters, animation, special effects and audio. It may sound a bit daunting but rest assured the process is very simple and we will guide you through the whole process.
This is also a great way to get family members involved. It’s a lot of fun going over the memories…Make a party out of it!

•    A two hour DVD slideshow will hold approximately 1000 slides or photos. (w/o audio)
     We limit the DVD length to preserve quality

Additional Information:
•    Slideshow format capacity is based on seven second display of each image
•    Mark slides/photos in the order desired
•    Titles, music, cartoons may be added
•    Editing and special effects are available
•    Fade in/fade out transitions are standard
•    The copying process can reduce image sharpness but color and brightness
     are improved as much as possible
•    35mm slides with 2 x 2 frames are the standard size required for transfer to DVD
•    Photo may be any size up to 8 x 10 and are copied to best fill the TV screen format
•    Some cropping photo content may occur
•    Slides and photos are returned at the end of the job