Betacam, Betacam SP, 3/4 Inch Tape

betacam and betacam sp, 3/4 Inch Tape

Betacam, BetacamSP, 3/4 Inch Tape Transfers  

Used in television studios throughout the world, Betacam SP and 3/4 Inch tape are very popular professional video formats.  There are two tapes sizes of Betamax, the smaller ones are very similar to domestic Beta (Betamax) tapes to look at, and in the case of early Betacam (oxide) tapes, the tapes are essentially identical. However Betacam recordings are absolutely incompatible with domestic Beta (Betamax) video players. Our equipment will handle both the smaller and larger sized cassettes and also can play both the linear and FM audio tracks and are ideally suited to getting the very highest picture quality to Digital or DVD due to its advanced digital timebase corrector and excellent output connection options. All give excellent results.

Not all video transfer companies have the right equipment to handle AFM audio tracks or Low Band Betacam (oxide) tapes, and may let you down.  PME handles all analog Betacam, Betamax and 3/4 Inch tapes.

You may come across Betacam or BetacamSP and 3/4 inch tapes which have been recorded by a professional video company, for example in creating training or promo films. But how can you view the recording? PME can transfer these recordings to normal viewable DVD, or to computer files, also to a wide variety of internet and mobile devices.